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Essential mum and baby products, conveniently bundled. Click on the images below to view the kit.

Take back me time!

As a new mum, you have a million decisions to make and things to buy. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when you’re battling foggy baby brain at the same time. 

When you only want the very best for your child - sustainable, organic, natural baby products that last a lifetime - it’s a slippery slope down the rabbit hole of online reviews. Before you know it, you’ve lost endless hours hunting for the best baby products and you’re now more confused than when you started! 

Ready to put your feet up and get some much-needed rest before your new bub arrives? We have over 40 amazing products for your precious bubs, bundled into convenient packages, delivered straight to your door. 

Each of our packages was created based on my personal experience as a mother, containing all the essentials I couldn’t have lived without. Every single baby product has been carefully selected, sourced only from honest, ethical brands. Most importantly, each item has been chosen because it’s gentle on baby skin and the planet. 

Looking for a baby shower gift that’s practical, something more useful than a cute onesie or toy? The Baby Essentials Kit  is filled to the brim with functional products that will support her through the first few months of motherhood, so it’s the perfect baby shower gift for a first-time mum or just any mama who’s short on time.

  • Handpicked products for your little miracle!

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Handpicked products for your little miracle!

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What our customers are saying

Great for new mums
I am a mum of 2 and I would highly recommend this package to first time mums. I have used all the products especially the little healthcare kit that I often use as my go to items now. Sudocrem is a barrier cream for nappy rash and the Medela Lanolin cream is very helpful for cracked nipples.

Billie-Jean Laing

I am from Mangere East, Auckland and a mum of 2 (7y boy, 2y girl)
Sudocrem is an absolute lifesaver a definite must for any Mumma, applied very sparingly it works wonders for nappy rash.
The grooming kit is everything you need for your newborn, especially when their nails grow so quickly. Really like the soft thick bristles of the baby brush.

Jenna Jacobsen

Proud supporter of the mum's clique