About Us

When I was pregnant with my little girl, I spent more hours than I could possibly count hunting down the perfect baby products. I traipsed through baby store after baby store, pored through stacks of magazines and read hundreds (okay, maybe thousands) of reviews. 

And I suppose you could say that my hard work paid off. Kiara was a calm, happy little baby. Even though she had very sensitive skin, she never once had nappy rash. I was so careful with the products I chose, particularly when it came to what I put on her skin.

Owner of My Little Miracle baby store

 But pregnancy and the early days of motherhood were a stressful time for me. I felt exhausted by all the decisions I needed to make and I wasted money on products that didn’t work. My family live on the other side of the world, so I had a limited support network to lean on and seek advice from. 

I know that so many expectant mamas feel the same way, stressed and overwhelmed by their never-ending list of things to buy from the baby store. Pregnancy is a truly special stage in your life, one that should be cherished. I believe it should be a time to rest and bond with the little miracle growing inside you.

So I set about creating a range of functional packages with everything a new mum needs, based on the products I’ve grown to love during my time as a mother. Just honest wisdom passed from one mum to another, removing the guesswork and endless hours of research so that you can head into motherhood feeling supported and confident. 

Relax mama, you’ve got this!

 Warm wishes,

Kamini Schoonbee


Founder of My Little Miracle baby store